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Join us for a full immersion experience into learning the Wisdom of the Tarot!

Part One of the program is a half-day "Foundations of Tarot Intensive" course that will cover the Major Arcana, all four suits in the deck as well as the Court cards in a single 4-hour session.

Then, Part Two is the "Foundations of Tarot Practicum", a full 2-hours of putting what you've learned into practice! The Practicum will have you working with the cards, learning your first basic spreads and Reading!

Not everyone can commit to a weekly 4-week course so I've modified the program to cover the same content but in a shortened schedule for those who need the flexibility.

We will be working with the Rider Waite tarot deck and Rachel Pollack's classic book, "78 Degrees of Wisdom".

Course Registration is through Blossoming Into Light:


Course fee: $140

Zoom links will be sent out via e-mail to each registrant.