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Working with the cards has allowed me to go far beyond the constraints of the temporal world.

Each reading creates its own landscape and texture.  While it may be a common oversimplification, it is nonetheless true, each reading is unique and each Reader is the variable.

Journey with me, as we decipher the meaning behind the cards in your spread!



Home of the Northern New Jersey Tarot Meetup and Study Group

Rhonda Alin, Founder

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"Foundations of Tarot" classes on The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft, Conscious Spirituality and Personal Transformation


Home of an eclectic group of Readers known as Jersey Girls Tarot


“Thank-you Rhonda!!  I LOVED your classes is an understatement. You are always going the extra mile. I bet there is a Tarot card for that!!"

Heidi D.

I absolutely loved Rhonda’s classes  I learned so much about the Tarot Cards in just 4 short weeks!  This was my first experience learning to interpret the meanings of the Tarot Cards and found Rhonda’s teaching style so effective.  I loved how the class was organized and really enjoyed the hands on learning style.  It was a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to taking her follow up course.

Wendy Z.

Rhonda Alin!! She is such an amazing teacher! I had one professional Tarot reading many, many years ago that I still remember today because it was accurate and changed my life. While I always thought I was on the fence about learning Tarot, when the opportunity arose to take this beginner's class - I didn't want to pass it up. I had believed some misconceptions. Tarot was not scary, it alleviated my fears. It was not based on "bad things" - it helped me discover how to change my life for the better. Wanting to improve your life circumstances, or just understanding the nature of your being are just a few aspects discovered through Tarot. There is discovery and purpose that shines through with accuracy and possibilities. As with all classes through Blossoming Into Light - this class comes from a place of love and light and Rhonda is phenomenal. Her clarity, guidance, and wisdom are top-notch. I don't know how i can be taught by anyone else after this fabulous experience, but as I learned through Tarot -- there are many teachers. Learning about myself isn't always easy and this class was a blast and so much fun.  Tarot truly is a gift. Don't miss this opportunity!  


Praise for Books...

"Blackthorn's Protection Magic" by Amy Blackthorn

“A treasure-trove of practical protection magic, Blackthorn’s Protection Magic is a must-have addition to any witch’s magical library. This guide is filled with invaluable information for any level practitioner. Amy’s writing is open, easily accessible and engaging.”
— Rhonda Alin, founder of the Northern New Jersey Tarot Meetup

"Ancestral Tarot: Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future" by Nancy Hendrickson


"Ancestral Tarot: Uncover Your Past and Chart Your Future by Nancy Hendrickson is a level-up when it comes to ancestral work and divination. Hendrickson has created a pathway with guardrails for each reader to follow along their journey. This book is a work of self-discovery that invites us to travel back in time to connect with multiple lines of ancestral history and forward to know how our work today prepares us for our future role as ancestor. The spreads, writing prompts and exercises included are accessible to both new and experienced Readers alike.  When you’re ready, grab your cards, a pen and journal and turn the page to Chapter 1.”  
— Rhonda Alin, founder of Northern New Jersey Tarot.Study Group

Dry Roses and Diary
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