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Full Moon Spell with the Moon Card in Tarot

Even though we are a couple of days past the actual Full Moon, we are still feeling its potent energy, making today an excellent time to work with the Moon Card.

(WITCHY TIP: Did you know that Full Moon energy can be felt and worked with three days before, and three days after, the actual Full Moon?)

Pull The Moon card out of your deck and spend a few minutes connecting with the messages you receive from the card, jotting them down in your journal.

Since this particular full moon is about healing and releasing, list out those things you’d like to fully and completely let go of, and on another sheet of paper or in your journal, list all the things you’re inviting in to help with your healing and enhancing your joy.

At the end of your meditation, in a fire safe bowl, fireplace or even bonfire, light the sheet of items you are releasing for good, and watch them drift away on the smoke.

Finish by reading aloud the list of things you are inviting for your healing and joy, empowering them with each breath and letting the sound support the manifestation of your healing and joy in the world!

Blessings and So Mote it Be.

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