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The Significance of Numbers in the Tarot


Most esoteric practices in the world of metaphysics are grounded in the belief that everything is connected. In Tarot, this is expressed through the Suits and the energies that correspond with their root card in the Major Arcana. These corresponding energies are connected through numbers. Overall, the significance of numbers in the Tarot is great, through their numerological connection between cards, and through their meaning in readings as well.

I will use The Lovers and the Sixes as an example to demonstrate this concept.

The Tarot card of 2022 is The Lovers (read the blog here). This card is calculated by adding 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 which equals 6. Six is the number for The Lovers card in the Major Arcana. This is one way that numbers play a role in Tarot.

The Significance Of Numbers In The Tarot

Another way that numbers play a role in Tarot is in how they connect the Suits with cards 1-10 in the Major Arcana:

  • Aces correspond to The Magician

  • 2s correspond to The High Priestess

  • 3s correspond to The Empress

  • 4s correspond to The Emperor

  • 5s correspond to The Hierophant

  • 6s correspond to The Lovers

  • 7s correspond to The Chariot

  • 8s correspond to Strength

  • 9s correspond to The Hermit

  • 10s correspond to The Wheel of Fortune

Below is an example of connected energies between the Sixes and The Lovers card.

In The Lovers card, Archangel Raphael has arms raised over the male and female figures, blessing the scene. Above him is the Roman numeral VI (6). Archangel Raphael’s name means “God Heals”, which is a blessing, and plays a significant role in the meaning of this card.

Key energies for The Lovers card, the number 6, and the Sixes in the Minor Arcana

are: blessings, love, harmony, liberation, healing and balance.

Examine each of the ‘6’ cards below. Although perhaps not evident at first glance, really look and see how energies related to The Lovers card are depicted in each one. These corresponding energies link right back to card 6 and the theme of ‘blessing’.

A Closer Look At The Connection

The Six Of Swords

The 6 of Swords is the “moving out of troubled waters” card. In it we see movement away from what has been problematic or causing pain. The figures are making their way to the other shore toward liberation. In readings, this card indicates the moving away from all types of worry and problems, which is a blessing.

The Six Of Wands

Celebration, recognition and success is the theme of the 6 of Wands. The figure in this card is on horseback and cheered by spectators. The spectators admire and laud the figure on the horse. This action aligns with the power of love and blessings. In a tarot reading, this card indicates love, support and flow, which is a blessing. In life, when we feel supported and like we are moving in the right direction, we feel more empowered to take the next step and to go further.

The Six Of Cups

The 6 of cups symbolizes the purity and simplicity of love. When we feel safe to love and to show love, we tend to share it with others more freely and honestly. This card also reminds us to harken back to a time when love was new for us and was the most magical thing in the world. In a tarot reading, this card asks us to experience love with childlike affection. This is an incredible opportunity to let our hardened hearts remember what those first experiences were like, and to recapture them. It is a calling to heal, and thus liberate, our hearts so we can love again.

The Six Of Pentacles

Finally, with the 6 of pentacles, we see how the acts of charity and kindness for others is an act of love. This card shows two people kneeling on the ground before a man who is giving them coins. This act of love is a blessing which liberates the impoverished figures from their suffering. These coins mean the world to these people. They will help them to live by providing food, shelter and medicine for healing, if needed. In a reading, are you the giver or the receiver of this love? Is someone else? Learning this will help you to understand both yourself and the roles of those around you. How have you shown or been shown love? How can you appreciate or give more?


Connecting Energies In The Tarot Through Numbers

This exercise is an excellent way to understand the energies of the the Suits, the significance of numbers in the Tarot, and and the energies that connect each card in the Suits with their corresponding card in the Majors. This knowledge will have a tremendously beneficial impact on your ability to intuitively interpret the cards when reading!

Starting with card 1 in the Major Arcana (The Magician) place the four Aces next to it (Wands, Swords, Cups, Pentacles). Next, examine how each of the Aces are reflected in the Magician card (hint-hint, they’re on the Magician’s table 😊), and how the Magician is reflected in each of the Aces. Write down everything you discern.

Then, move on to the card 2, The High Priestess and all the 2 cards. Continue with this procedure until you have made your way through card 10, The Wheel of Fortune.

Pay extra attention to what you sense and intuit about each card and write it down and use the example in this blog as a guide.

Doing this project requires a small time investment, but doing so will reward you many times over!

Special Project Tip: Complete this assignment in a specially created section of your tarot journal. Doing so will not only help you to remember the energies of the Suits and better intuit the cards, it will also be a trusted source of information that you can refer to time and again!

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